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Are they really thermal and will they insulate a room?

Our Blackout curtains block outside heat from coming in during the summer, and prevents heat lost through the windows during the winter.
More than 80% of energy is lost through windows.
If the curtain is firmly attached to the wall, our Blackout curtain fabric will retain 32.7% of the heat that you would normally lose through your windows.
They are effective in insulating the interior from both heat and cold.
With Blackout curtains, you can save up to 20% on your next utility bill.
Please refer to test results
* Saves Energy
blackout curtains

How effectively do they block out light?

Our Blackout curtains are very dense and independent laboratory tests have proven that our curtains block out 99.9% of light.
When you need a nap during the day, or need to get your sleeping routine back on track after shift work or jet lag, our curtain can assist you.
Our Blackout curtains create a dark, peaceful and serene atmosphere making it easier to fall asleep.
Our curtains are similar to the heavy curtains used in hotel rooms.
If you want light, you can simply open up your blackout curtain.
Customers can add sheer curtains underneath the blackout curtain to allow light to enter a room, while still providing privacy.

Will they block out outside noise?

Yes, our curtains will help reduce noise pollution! 
Blackout curtains will not completely soundproof a room but will block out and silence outside noise, providing you with peaceful rest and relaxation.

Who can benefit from blackout curtains?

Our Blackout curtains are ideal for…
a) Night shift workers, anyone who needs sleep during the daytime.
b) Business travelers; anyone suffering from insomnia or jetlag. People with any type of sleep problems can benefit from blackout curtains
c) Eco-conscious consumers: helps conserve energy.
d) Hospital personnel, pilots, police officers, firefighters, military and transportation personnel working odd shifts
e) Seniors who need help falling asleep and staying asleep: restful sleep enhances quality of life and good health
f) Infants who have not yet developed a proper sleeping cycle; creates a serene atmosphere making it easier to fall asleep, day or night.
g) Students who keep irregular hours
h) Patients who need a sufficient amount of rest for their recovery
i) Computer operators who experience eye fatigue
j) Home theaters/media rooms: by eliminating the glare from incoming sunlight, clarity and picture quality is significantly improved
k) Anyone who requires a good night's sleep

How I can save on my utility bill?

More than 80% of a building's energy loss occurs through the windows.
Our Blackout curtain fabric alone prevents 32.7% of heat lost through your windows, if the curtains are properly attached to wall.
Therefore, there is a reduction of up to 20% of utility costs.
Our blackout curtains will pay for themselves in a couple of seasons by lowering your utility bill costs, depending on your climate conditions.

What are the care instructions?

Our curtains are machine washable.
Our Blackout curtains are easy to maintain, unlike other blackout curtains available on the market. Please refer to the care instructions below:
* Machine wash warm with like colors
* Tumble dry low
* Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed
* Warm iron as needed

Are these curtains eco-friendly?

Save energy & save the earth
Today, more than ever we hear about the dangers of global warming and protecting the environment.
By using our curtains you are helping to reduce pollution by using less energy, conserving resources and saving money on your utility bill.

Aren't all blackout curtains the same?

Our blackout curtains are made out of an innovative fabric and are very soft and supple compared to what is out in the market.
There is no heavy foam, coating, or liner on the back of our curtains.